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aafaq Islamic finance Obtained Three Global Awards

03 Oct ,2014

In line with consecutive successes, aafaq islamic finance obtained three global awards the first one was “Best Services Provider for Governmental Sector”, the second was “Best Services Provider for Non-Governmental Sector” and the third award was “Fastest Growing Islamic Company in UAE 2014”. Such awards were based on nominations obtained from “Global” website for bank sector and financial audit which is specialized with measuring customer satisfaction with international companies and organizations. Such awards value would reflect invention, achievement, strategies and inspiring changes occurring within the global financial community.

Aafaq has accomplished such achievement as a result of providing strategic services for federal and local governmental departments. On the top of the list comes Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour and Department of Economic Development Dubai which pushed the award creators to grant Aafaq the award of “Best Services Provider for Governmental Sector”. Furthermore, Aafaq strategic relations with Tas’heel centers in the country, knowing that the company adopted such project since launching up until this moment. They also extended their branches to more than 26 Tas’heel centers that serve 350 thousands of customers at least a month within all its branches widespread in such ministries and centers all over UAE through which services of labour guarantee issuance, E-Dirham and wages protection system are provided. Also, the services on paying fees to Department of Economic Development Dubai, Air Arabia and Fly Dubai made it now win the award of “Best Services Provider for Non-Governmental Sector”.

When it comes to the rapid growth Aafaq achieved, the Managing Director, Sheikh Faisal Bin Saoud Al Qassimi, indicated that the company achieved a growth record especially under the ever-increasing quantity and quality of in-house-developed products and services during this year. The company also attracted more distinguished strategic partnerships in different economic sectors and the growth ratio is still increasing. We expect more in the future especially that the company enjoys ambitious plans to acquire other business lines. All such combined reasons led to qualify company to win the award of “Fastest Growing Islamic Company in U.A.E 2014”.

Aafaq winning of such global awards indicates that the company is continuing steadily on the right track in a way that fulfills the company’s shareholders, stakeholders and customers ambitions which enabled it to deserve such awards in appreciation to its constructive efforts in specific and in line with amazing economic developments witnessed by U.A.E in general, and in the Emirate of Dubai in particular.

In this regard, the Managing Director Sheikh Faisal Bin Saoud Al Qassimi said “We are happy to have such awards which were the result of efforts, perseverance and continuous work to provide non-traditional services which reflect a unique strategic cooperation with public and private business sectors and appreciate the distinguished efforts exerted this year to achieve unprecedented growth percentages in the history of the company. Moreover, such awards cannot be recognition of the company achievements only, but also an indication on expertise and professionalism levels provided by staff in order to give perfect, high and the best quality services and Islamic banking products for our customers, in addition to paying respect to customers”. Sheikh Faisal also stated “Such winning is enhancing the U.A.E global business sector that achieves best results in the country; hence we would like to raise the value of our stakeholders who gave the chance to the company to provide its services for the customers. Such provision can be considered as a coronation for great efforts exerted by the Board of Directors and the Executive Management”.

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